Thursday, May 23, 2024

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5 Reasons to Use a Trade Show App

A trade show app is an effective way to enhance the attendee experience, reduce printing expenses and keep attendees engaged throughout the event.

These apps run on existing devices like smartphones and tablets, making them much more user-friendly for exhibitors to utilize.

Exhibitors are more likely to be satisfied with their experience, which is an important factor when it comes to renewing exhibitor contracts.

Exhibitor Management

Exhibitors are an integral part of any event, and they require a way to manage their information. An exhibitor management system makes it simpler for exhibitors to set up their booths, manage volunteer data and RSVPs, monitor booth traffic patterns, as well as offer support to attendees at the show.

Trade shows can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor, so having an organized system to keep track of everything is essential. Fortunately, modern technology provides plenty of tools that make this process simpler.

RainFocus exhibitor management software offers a dynamic exhibitor portal that streamlines lead generation and post-event reporting. Additionally, it gives exhibitors multiple marketing touchpoints such as flexible physical or virtual booth spaces, event sponsorship packages, targeted leads, scanning devices and more – all at an affordable price point.

The best trade show apps offer group messaging platforms, so staff can stay organized with travel arrangements, accommodations and other commitments. This helps them stay productive while on-the-go and prevents any miscommunication between team members.

Attendee Tracking

Trade show attendees need a way to stay organized during the event. A trade show app helps organizers and exhibitors do exactly that.

A trade show app can be an ideal tool to facilitate networking opportunities and schedule meetings. It acts as a hub where attendees can meet with exhibitor representatives, plus it lets you send instant messages directly to on-site staff members.

Attendee tracking features in a trade show app enable you to keep tabs on where attendees are and how long they remain. This data can help you plan better for next year’s event.

Additionally, the app’s lead retrieval software can capture leads wherever an exhibitor goes – at hotels, social functions or on shuttle buses – even while offline! This helps exhibitors increase qualified leads at their booth. The system is accessible in real-time from any location and customizable with custom prequalifiers and follow-up questions.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts can be an entertaining way to increase engagement at your trade show event. They encourage attendees to meet with exhibitors, increase traffic in the exhibit hall, and open up new sponsorship possibilities and revenue streams for your organization.

Scavenger hunt challenges come in many forms. They could include questions about the location, clues leading to the next challenge and QR (quick response) codes that direct attendees to an answer on a company website.

These features can also be combined with photos to create an enjoyable virtual scavenger hunt. A photo feed allows everyone to see all the fun their team is having as they complete challenges, which also serves as great advertising for your scavenger hunt.

Aside from the above, digital scavenger hunts can also be an excellent way to reward participants at your event! They may include digital prizes like coupons, gift cards or special discounts.

Weather Shelters

Weather at your event doesn’t need to be unpredictable. With a mobile app that connects attendees to local resources and services, attendees won’t be left in the dark trying to find their way home. Plus, this type of promotion helps promote the show’s most valuable asset: its community. For instance, the app could host an exclusive event where guests are encouraged to engage with others in attendance.

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