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Do I Need Printer Repair? Common Printer Problems and What to Do About Them

Is your printer causing you some trouble? Are there issues that you think you need help with? If so, allow us to give you some tips for solving the most common office printer problems. This way, you know when to deal with the issues yourself before calling a printer repairman. Also, you will know when it is for the professional technicians to worry about.

Note that a printer lasts for many years and can produce thousands of prints. However, improper use, overuse, and underuse can shorten this span. Printer repair is a solution but should not be the first to make sure that the problem is fixed. With proper maintenance, you can minimize the need to solve any printer problems.

Remember to not panic when you encounter some problems with your printer. Here are some of the common printer problems and how you can troubleshoot them.  Even with these recommendations, if you think you can handle them due to the technicalities involved, even if simpler, you can always choose technicians to assist you instead to avoid mistakes.

  1. The printer is not printing

A basic but frustrating problem of business printers. Sometimes, it is difficult to know the cause because it was just working well previously. Before you stress about this, here are some of the things you can check:

  • Is the paper in place?
  • Are there any error messages?
  • Is it connected to the wi-fi?
  • Is the USB cable plugged in?
  • Are the ink cartridges empty?
  • Is the printer properly connected to the computer/laptop?

Do these first and see if you can solve the problem after. If your printer now does its job, it’s good! If not even after letting the office equipment rest for some time, then you might want to call your printer repairman this time. 

  1. The paper gets stuck in the printer every time

This is another annoying problem when it happens in the middle of a busy day. When it continually occurs, the cause is probably a piece of small paper or a foreign object stuck in the paper feed. You have to take the stuck paper, including the small pieces by opening the flaps. To avoid this problem with your office printer, you should regularly clean your printer. Note that foreign objects can disrupt your printer’s normal operation.

  1. A blank sheep is always being ejected when you print

This seems to be a less serious problem if the printer still prints. However, if it happens a lot, you need to go to your computer or laptop and go to the Control Panel where you will find the Devices and Printers. Right click the Printer and you will see the Printing References. Select it, you should find the enable or disable tool. If you cannot find it, go back to right clicking the printer then choose Properties instead to reconfigure the printer.

If these issues are not solved by our suggestions, you can check the manual for other instructions. Or if you want to skip all the steps, you can just call your trusted office equipment company for an office printer repairservice.

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