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Designing Interactive Booth Experiences at Trade Shows

Getting your attendees to participate with your technology is one of the easiest and most memorable ways to ensure your presentation is extremely memorable – and it’ll probably drive attendees back the following year.

Digital games that advertise your brand or tell your story can be linked directly to lead capture, turning ‘fun’ experiences into sales opportunities. The journal Occupational Health And Safety uses iPads for lead capture. A Jeopardy-style game runs on the technology at its booth, keeping attendees engaged throughout their visit.

Interactive Touchscreens

Whether you’re a museum, art gallery or a trade show, the use of an interactive touchscreen can engage your customers better, improve operational efficiency while generating and capturing real-time leads as a marketing vehicle, all while keeping your visitors fully entertained.

Instead of distributing flyers that end up going into the trash, make that booth experience interactive to keep visitors longer and allow you to make more of an impression on your audience – interactive games, DIY 3D printers, virtual reality experiences, and more are just some of the many ways you can keep your audience at your table (or booth), and differentiate your offerings from your competition.

Augmented Reality

Gamification through things like trivia, game shows or scavenger hunts could help get more people into your booth and make them return time and again. The same principle can be translated into promoting brand recognition and a narrative that ties into your brand campaign.

Nowadays, the utilisation of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies is gaining popularity in the industry as a cutting-edge form of interactivity to turn your booth into an unforgetable experience for your visitors. Just point their smart phones to your display, Attaché can give them digital overlays with corresponding product information. As long as attendees touch their display panel with their mobile phones, product information pops up.

Consumers are more likely to consider making a purchase of a product that they can see, hold or demo before leaving the exhibit hall. If the exhibitor offers participants an opportunity to touch or use the products, adding this element could be critical to keeping your company at the top of the list of those to be contacted when the buyer is ready.

Live Demos

Live demonstrations at your booth can provide an effective way of displaying products and services while keeping a nail in the interests of your attendees, and welcoming more sales leads.

Interactive trade show booth games such as trivia or gameshows are another popular trade show booth activity. Prizes include water bottles or gift cards or discount codes on your products.

Remember the feeling of taking part in a riveting gameshow or trivia night at a bar with friends; harness that energy for your trade show booth by hosting trivia or gameshow events wherepeople can win prizes – this is exactly what Occupational Health and Safety does by making and hosting Jeopardy-like iPad games with grand prizes at the end of each day.

Interactive Installations

People are much more likely to remember a trade-show experience that invites them to interact, and they will enjoy an extra dose of entertainment without the need to request assistance from a member of staff; be it multi-touch tables or giant LED walls, these screen experiences should be designed as a way to execute an existing communication concept which suits your booth theme.

Or real estate firms could have photo opportunities where visitors could take photos with life-sized house facades and post them on social media and disseminate their exhibit past trade-show halls. Such engagements could even be used to gather leads in a more discreet manner using a contest as a channel to exchange business cards as one lead-capture technique.

Social Media

It is now easy to integrate social media into your interactive booth experience in a way that draws in and retains visitors for a longer period by offering them a shareable experience – be it photo backdrops, product merch giveaways or virtual reality games, the ensuing moments or experiences leave a lasting impression that attendees want to preserve and share by posting them on their networks.

Booth experience can be boosted through digital gamification where contestants can access quizzes, contests or scavenger hunts that provide information relevant to the industry alongside incentivised prizes, such as discounts or merchandise. This can allow for greater engagement and deeper learning and discovery.

Also, keep in mind that your in-booth activities must be structured around goals and objectives. Whether your objective is lead generation, boosting product awareness, or increasing your customer conversion rates, everything you do at your trade show booth should work to achieve your overarching trade show objectives.

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