Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Automate Trade Show – Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

No matter your place of work – whether in production, the boardroom, or both – knowing the capabilities of automation solutions is crucial to understanding their power to create opportunities and make dreams possible. At automate, you’ll discover cutting-edge robotics, vision analysis software, AI services and motion control technologies.

Attendees can learn how to utilize these technologies with conference sessions led by experts in How-To Workshops, Robotics & AI training as well as Certified Vision Professional and Certified Motion Control Professional training courses.

Exhibitor Profile

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Automate is North America’s premier showcase for automation technologies. Attracting industry trailblazers from all fields, this show draws thousands of attendees each year with exciting automation products from AI-powered solutions to proven workhorses – providing attendees with endless ways to discover tomorrow’s potential. With hundreds of exhibitors, thousands of registered attendees, and plenty of ways for attendees to explore tomorrow’s possibilities, Automate is sure to bring new opportunities for success to attendees from every industry sector.

Over 750 vendors at Automate represent leading innovators in robotics, machine vision, artificial intelligence motion control and assembly automation – from sensor manufacturers to complete production lines – that span everything from niche sensors to full turnkey solutions. Plus, with its powerful conference program featuring keynotes, theater talks and Automate LIVE interviews – its easy to see why so many businesses rely on this show as their go-to resource to move their businesses forward.

Exhibitor Spots Available

Automate is North America’s leading automation showcase with more than 750 exhibitors and 25.000+ registered visitors, and provides industry professionals with hands-on, first-row experiences and career opportunities that enable them to maximize deployment of automation technology and capitalize on it.

With 20-50 trade shows per year to coordinate, managing all the event service checklists, budget spreadsheets and folders filled with attachments requires special skill. If no team of coordinators are available to help out.

Software tools allow you to manage leads, booth schedules and events on-the-fly – plus set permission levels so junior sales reps aren’t accidentally exposed to full show budget. All these things are achievable using trade show management software; request a demo today for more information!

Conference Schedule

Automate provides access to an ecosystem of ideas that drive innovation, strengthen resilience and accelerate digital transformation – no matter your area of work.

At every show you will discover solutions to move your business forward and provide it with an edge over its competition, including demonstrations, networking events, seminars and workshops focused on robotics, machine vision, motion control and artificial intelligence.

The conference is an essential complement to an exhibition, offering a complete learning experience. Choose between individual classes or full access passes and take advantage of learning and training opportunities from some of the industry’s foremost experts; plus gain a clearer understanding of technologies on display through various industry speakers.


Automate, presented by the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), is North America’s premier showcase of automation technologies that can accelerate your business. Boasting more than 750 exhibitors specializing in robotics, AI, machine vision innovation as well as on-floor discussion panels featuring inspirational keynotes each day along with on-floor discussion panels and technology startup competitions judged by industry experts, Automate also offers professional certification seminars on robotics, machine vision and motion control technology – as well as inspirational keynotes that provide inspiration from leading experts!

Last year’s event proved popular with both experienced technology leaders and those starting out in automation, drawing thousands of attendees who found solutions or vendors of interest – many who may return for even bigger and better events this time around! 2024 will bring even greater opportunities with two larger venues; McCormick Place in Chicago and Detroit’s Huntington Place convention centers offering 25% larger facilities to do business at.

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