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4 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Office Copier

Your office photocopier is a piece of office equipment that is essential for your business. Because it can bevery costly, thus, you sure need to take care of it. Disregarding normal upkeep is not ideal for the accounts of the business. Regardless of whether you gained your machine through a commercial copier rental arrangement or you bought it, it is conceivable that having one damaged can affect your operations. Envision having to wait for your lessor to make the fixes. You sure do not want delays with your paper works. This is not practical at all.

You should as well remember that pointless calls for photocopier upkeep can’t just add more expenses to you but also carry postponements to your workload. Protect your business from delays and cash issues by following below straightforward copier support tips from the time you utilize your office equipment:

  1. Use only quality paper and make sure toproperly load it.

Avoid having to deal with dust, debris in your machine when you choose to utilize quality bond papers. Make sure that your unused ones are stored in a dry location in your office. When loading them in the feeder of your office copier, you should do it properly. The papers should not be dusty or dirty when putting them.

  • Routinely remove dust from the head of the ink cartridge.

When purchasing the ink cartridge, you should follow the instructions well. Ensure that you clean it to remove the dust from the head or the ink nozzle. Utilize a cotton swab that is slightly damp with either water or alcohol. Ensure that you clean dirt or dust from its head or ink nozzle of the cartridge. You can simply use a small cotton swab that is slightly wet with isopropyl alcohol or water.

  • Always clear dirt and dust from within and outside of the office copier machine.

This is a basic copier maintenance measure that you should do every day. Use a fine-haired brush to remove the dust or dirt. It should be very small in size so that it can clean the corners of the office copier. You should clean the important parts like paper trays, ink cartridges, and the other parts of the machine, especially those commonly utilized.

  • Regularly clean and properly use the office copier glass and the slit glass.

In routinely cleaning the photocopier machine’s glass, utilize a non-abrasive fabric. Slightly wet the cloth with glass cleaner. Make sure to avoid spraying the cleaner directly into the glass to be cleaned. Another important matter to remember is that utilizing it should be free from staples or paperclips to avoid scratching the surface. Remove these beforehand because the scratches can lead to marks or lines on your copies.

Likewise, remember to include the slit glass in your routine cleaning. This part of the office copier is the small piece that is found under the larger one. Ignoring this will lead to visible marks on your documents. For your future office copier leasing tampa, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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