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The Management And The Five Functions Of Management

Management is the direction of an organization, be it a private company, a public not-for-profit organization, or governmental body. It includes all the people working in a company to ensure that the company is managed in the interest of the owners or the shareholders. The management consists of the president, the board of directors, and all other managerial staff. The management also takes care of the financial matters of the company.

Managers can be divided into two categories namely, conscious and unconscious. Conscious management is what most managers do all the time they are in office; unconscious management only happens when the manager is away from the office. When an appraiser is organizing the managerial staff, he uses some specific techniques to help the staff organize their thoughts and their activities so that they are able to achieve the organizational goals and objectives.

The five functions of organizing an organization are: planning, organizing, controlling, staffing, and leading. Planning is concerned with the overall goals of the organization. Organizing involves planning how to accomplish the goals in a timely manner. Controlling involves making sure that the objectives of the organization are accomplished. Staffing involves getting the people with proper training to do the work needed for accomplishing the goals.

An important technique for managing employees is to have a leading and a controlling function headed by a higher-ups. By having the two functions heading each other, the employees will be highly motivated to work for the organization. If the employees feel that they are working for something big, they will surely be highly motivated to work well. Having supervisors and subordinates can also lead to better communication between the two functions. This will increase productivity, since the workers will be highly motivated to meet the objectives of the management.

The appraisal is also a very important tool in the process of organizing an organization. The appraisal will show the employees their duties will show their objectives of attaining the objectives. In the organizational goal setting, the controlling function can show his/her objectives of implementing the five functions of management and will organize the employees accordingly.

The last but not least is the performance appraisal. Performance appraisal will help managers or leaders see whether their objectives of the company have been met. In order for the managers to see their goals achieved, the employees will need to undergo the performance appraisal. They will need to be evaluated on their performance, as well as on their attitudes towards their jobs and towards the company. Thus, the performance appraisal can help the company achieve its goals in whatever way that it sees fit.

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