Design Team:

Mohsen Kazemianfard, Parima Jahangard, Mona Razavi


2016 – Competition

Our proposal is an ‘Emerging grid’ as a system that would make it possible to fulfill all of functions and other needs of the metro station while also integration the entire space.
The main idea of the project is a system for underground space. This system is based on duplicating a Module.The Module has some special qualities and can be a good solution for underground space problems.Metro stations are places where people pass to reach the metro. This proposal tries to make the metro station a new experience and also a place where people like to stay and pass time. The integrated space of The Module defines the interior and exterior space in a new way and also letting the sun light in and by having green spaces, turns the dark metro station into a more comfortable place.
The system made by modules includes different functions in different levels and also vertical access to all levels. On the ground level it creates main metro station entrances and some urban spaces with cultural and commercial functions like gallery and shops. On -1 level in multi-functional floor it contains indoor and outdoor restaurants and cafes and some shops and green spaces. In this level inside and outside are simply divided by big glasses that block outside cold weather but let the sun light into space.  In -2 level  it makes ticket salon and mechanical rooms. And to access passenger hall it contains stairs and skaters. 
The system is a flexible grid that can easily change its form to solve functional limitations. In order to keep the existing structure the grid changes its size to fit into the built structure. In this way without making any changes into the built structure the grid can go into the space and make interior and exterior space.
Since the building is located in a historical site brick is selected as the main material for exterior skin. Brick is a nostalgic material for people of Tabriz because of buildings like kabod masque and their traditional bazar. and for the interior GFRC is used since it is a material that can produce carved surfaces.

Saat Square Metro Station