Parima Jahangard – Mohsen Kazemianfard

2017 – under construction

Green commercial office building is located in a 2430 sq. Meters area beside the Eram Boulevard of Mehrshahr.
The building with 20000 sq. Meters area includes 38 stores with the area of 36.3 sq. Meters and 26 offices and 637 sq. Meters restaurant in four floors, and also there is a hypermarket and 258 parking spaces in four floors under the ground.
Presence of 7000 sq. Meters Park in front of the eastern border that is the main façade of the project has a significant effect in creating a dynamic building.
In the progress of designing the project there was such a scramble, not only for the maintenance of this green urban apace but also to increase the quality of it.
In a way that, the nearby pedestrian of the park is developing through the building and extended up to the southern façade and connect the eastern and southern entrances of the building.
This extension further than bringing the green space in to the project, is creating an urban plaza in front of the building where the green space and the pedestrian are facing the building, the project has stepped backward to develop this plaza.
This horizontal void after passing through the green space and creating an urban plaza at the time that going through the building is forming the showcases of the stores around itself and it brings the sense of the ancient Bazaars that are not available these days.
Also this has a significant effect in increasing the quality of them; because the stores are forming around the urban pass it brings the quality of the nearby street stores to all of them.
In the next step some open stairs are connecting that urban plaza to the balcony at first floor which has a great view to the front park and of course can flow this progress to the other floors and improve the quality of the commercial units of the first floor too.
Furthermore a vertical void which is in the middle of the building could bring light and fresh air inside and the connection of these two voids can coherence the landscape within the interior spaces.
Also by creating two green zones in the eastern and northern borders in form of double height balconies and a patio in the left, the green spaces are extended in to the offices. 
At last designing a green roof and a restaurant at top has increased the quality of the Building and the integration of the spaces.

Mehrshahr Shopping Center