Parima Jahangard



Project’s location
The kuchuni restaurant is located on Salehi Street between the Farmaniye and Andarzgoo Streets, and by the area of 337 square meters has been designed in two floors.
Private and social spaces
Creating varied and separated zones by using some special borders, was the main idea of this project. Although the unique materials such as copper and translucent glasses were occupied to design those separated spaces and varied views.
Borders design
The restaurant’s ceiling was designed as a systematic and coherence meshes, including 6000 copper tubes in various sizes that any of them comprised a small light inside it.

Although these complicated meshes were used not only to create the lighting but also in order to private the second floor of the project. As these tubes are hanging from the ceiling near to the second floor slabs, they are designed in a way that near the upstairs’ slabs borders they are in their longest height and as they go backward from the borders their height is decreased. In this way, the second-floor becomes a private and an eye-catching space for the cafe with a VIP room.
Particular boxes
In the next step 4 translucent glass boxes were designed, that all of them further than dividing the space borders and hiding the numerous columns, were used to emphasize the voids which were between the bridges of the upstairs’ slabs.
In this way that the glasses next to the second-floor slabs were stretched upward to create handrails and for the other handrails some glazy copper surfaces were used.
Therefore, these all could reflex the shine of the copper tubes and create a brilliant and an intimate atmosphere in the restaurant and the café.

Kochuni Restaurant