Mohsen Kazemianfard ,Mehran Arefian


2012 – Competition

Architecture can be another language for telling the story of a play.
The purpose of telling stories is transferring some ideas and concepts to the listener. In fact, each play intends to make audience think about something. In here architecture tries to talk to people with the language of form and space and make them think about main points of Bekket’s play.
The Site: Since the play is not exclusive, The site is located in the sea. It’s a general place that belongs to all human beings.
The Form: Repetition is bold in “waiting for Godot”.Characters in the play are stuck in a circular time.they finish their day in the same point that they have started it. They live in a “helix».
The Interior space:Theater has two floors. The first floor is a waiting hall and the play performs in the middle of it. The second floor is consisting of four identical auditoriums which are connected together with identical hall ways. Because of identical auditoriums people would be confused about the place where the play performs. In this space people would experience the feeling of the main characters of the play.

Ideal Theater Competition