Brick Award 2020

Nominated for Saadat abad Residential Buidling – 2019


Golshahr Mosque and Plaza Design Competition

Winner of the first prize – 2018


The American Architecture Prize

Winner of silver medal for Saadat Abad commercial office building – 2016


15th annual Memar Award

Winner of the third Prize for Saadat Abad commercial office building – 2015


Ideal Theater competition for The United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT)

Winner of The First Prize ( with Anooshan team name) – 2012


5th annual Mirmiran Award with theme of Architecture and nature

Winner of The First Prize – 2011


Memari Sakhteman Interior Design competition

Winner of the Third Prize for Kuchuni Restaurant – 2016


Competition for designing place of worship in Abo Atash park in Tehran

Mentioned Honorable – 2016


10th annual Mirmiran Award with theme of Architecture from Earth to sky

Mentioned Honorable – 2016


Evolo Award with theme for 21 century skyscraper

Mentioned Honorable – 2014